"My Life in a Nutshell"

"In Between the Beginning and the End"

“The Proof is Everywhere”


Each morning I get what they call a “Google Alert Email Alert”…What happens is I is pick the topic or name of a person and they send me all the information about that person or event in the form of an EM. This happens once a day or how ever how many times I want it..I also get Em’s and updates from most of the local newspaper news or local channel headline news. I do this because I don’t watch television news. Sometimes but very rarely I watch sports on TV…..After getting these alerts for a while I discovered its the same news every day…Its exactly the same, I couldn’t believe it…Its always all about the most outrageous things people do to each other, their pets, wives, kids or mothers and fathers…The question is, do we really need to know these very disturbing things? I noticed the only thing different is the names and the towns and cities they come from. It never changes it just goes and on and on. Why are people acting out with this kind of behavior you may ask?


     Yes there are those sick people but the United States is not a happy place and it hasn’t been for a long time. Things are changing faster than people can cope…Its the Trillions of dollars of National Debt and the hurtfully high gas prices. Do you really know how much a Trillion of anything is let alone a Billion? Paying $4.00 a gallon for something worth maybe .50 cents a gallon, if that. American Politicians will not say a word about that…Why?.. Because Washington with all its lawyer manipulation and legal corruption in the form of donations from oil company’s and God only knows who else, that’s why. Its because of greed and self interest and if they can’t steal it they just legalize it and take it anyway. That’s why. We are at a point where I don’t have to prove anything saying what I say. Just look around you! The proof is everywhere.


     Of coarse then there are the decaying morals and family values of the younger generation. Think about that son and daughter you may have or your little niece and nephew. There are young kids somewhere in your family. If you don’t have any, think about your friends son and daughter. Who will they be having sex with in say, 2 years, 5 years or 10 years? Well, actually the question should be how many guys will she be having sex with? How many young girls will he be having sex with?…That TV in your house is programing them constantly. Its always saying everybody does it, why not you? Over and over It is saying to your kids you can’t have real fun unless you drink alcohol and use drugs. Do you think it can’t happen to your son and your daughter? Wanna bet? Take the time to check and see what they are doing on that laptop you bought for them for school…


 And lastly, Government spending and Welfare are out of control  The Foreign aid alone is outrageous.. Bail outs? You have got to be kidding, The Banks and the Stock Market have very few rules. What rules they have if you can call them that, have been stretched to the limit. A Lawyer will just manipulate the words to fix the problem. No one will take responsibility. No one will make the tough decisions. What I just wrote here just scratches the surface.They just talk, talk, and more talk. Its all about those deals and with who..You just pay and pay. It cannot continue. Lines have to be drawn. It can’t last. Something is going to happen. The United States government is in serious trouble. Something has to give…Do you remember when stories ended with, “And they lived happily ever after”? Well, …… “That will never happen now,


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