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“Movie Review”

Image   Comment…..   Do not miss this movie…A classic Robert Redford, RayBan sunglasses and sport jacket with jeans.. I love this man. I grew up watching his movies…. I still even dress like him…I have the same sunglasses… “Three Days of the Condor”, Spy Game”, “Sneakers”, “Brubaker”, “The Sting” just to name a few…Enough said, don’t miss it…Links at the bottom…

IMDB……”The acting by a stream of well known faces who were young I when I was also young are very good, and being a similar age as them I could relate to some of what they were experiencing in the story. I listened to a review on the radio criticizing the movie because of the difficulty of enjoying watching people past their prime in a suspense movie. Maybe the reviewer should have stuck to the Bourne movies to get their kicks.Well age has nothing to do with it but maturity certainly does. The appealing theme here is that we don’t leave our past so far behind us that it doesn’t exert any major influence on us years later. In fact the more years that pass the more significant the past can become. I suggest you don’t be put off by the negativity of what some others say and see the movie.”

Review……. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1381404/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1

To watch the movie on the “YouWatch” web site… The links below




“My Life Update”


Update…..Its been 6 months and yes, I’m still a vegetarian and the good news is I’ve lost 6 pounds.. Believe it or not, I now have abs.. I’ve got a ways to go but I look good and feel great… My pants are sliding down and I have to keep pulling them up.. That’s a good thing and I love it..

     Now with one eye surgery to go I can even see stuff… The first operation was an experience I’ll certainly never forget but I learned a lot.. I am not looking forward (no pun intended) to the next operation on the 14th of May but I will gather my lack of courage and ego put them aside and have it done, with Cathy being my strength and inspiration..

    Cathy and I are (as they used to say in the 50s, and 60s) are going “hot and heavy. Well, not so much heavy but really hot. She is one beautiful lady. In our travels we have found some wonderful restaurants and beaches in Westerly R.I. and I can’t wait to move to that area.. The beaches at Watch Hill ( pictured below) and up the coast towards Misquamicut are incredible. Those of you who are familiar with that area will know what I mean.  I have been going to the beaches there all my life and can’t believe I’m going to live there now.. Its like a dream come true..

     I realize the dreaded tourist season is almost upon us but with the high cost of everything, gas included, at least the rift raft will stay in their city’s and the season doesn’t last that long anyway. ..

    Well, now its off to do some shopping with the love of my life and that’s it for now… Stay tuned for more of my adventures in the future and as Red Skelton used to say “God Bless”……..  I know I have been…



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