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“My Economy”

A lot of what I wrote here is nonexistent in America today. Now in America its instant gratification and debt. That is the only way to go. More and more people are programed to spend anyway possible without thinking of the consequences. I had a wonderful patient father that taught me me the value of a dollar and how to save for a rainy day…….. Read on…..

Today’s topic is about finances. The dictionary describes this as, “control of money, the business or art of managing the monetary resources of an organization, country or person.” Wow, I could do something with that. I mean I could really be angry and show someone how save or spend but this is about my economy… Lately with me, its mostly using what I have been taught all my life. Lets start with credit. In these times of economic disaster and believe me, it is economic disaster. Its the worse I have ever seen…I never ever charge anything. I buy very few luxury’s if any. Because I saved in the past I’m fortunate enough to be able to buy what I want. I just don’t like to overpay for anything. I won’t give them an extra nickel if I don’t have to. I only buy things on sale with a coupon. Especially food but I never buy two to get one. The rule for me is if I want something and don’t have the money I’ll wait till I have the money to buy it, even if its inconvenient…I save (a word seldom used these days) money for things…I put a few dollars away for emergencies. Like a new Computer just in case I need one. I save for car maintenance. Oil changes every 3000 miles or if something breaks. My Mustang, paid for by the way, is a high maintenance car so its important to have it checked out at least once a year whether it needs it or not. Like to rotate the tires or front end work. You don’t want know what I paid for a break job for that car. At the speeds on the highways these days you had better do something. The insurance for that car is not cheap either so I have to save for that. I always pay bills as soon as I get them, never waiting till their due. My rent is paid a few days before the first of the month, I don’t remember when I have paid interest in any form …When I have moved in the past I always use the landlord or the building manager as a reference. You can do that if you pay your rent on time. I could travel anywhere in the world if I want but I don’t want to deal with all this terrorist nonsense. I’m an American and worked hard for my country. I worked for the State, the Federal Government and the Army National Guard. I have top secret clearance for the Subase in Groton Connecticut…My history will not be ignored. I don’t deserved to be searched and if I ever walked through security at an airport they should salute me…..When I worked at Bradley International Airport I used to fly for free and everybody knew my name. I save my change for the laundry and never wash unless I have a full load. When I get gas for the Mustang I never put more than $20 dollars in the tank…I will not carry around all that gas. Its heavy. Leave it in the ground at the gas station, it will be there if I need it. I do a lot of things to economize and cut back. I just absolutely refuse to give them anything if I don’t have to. Most of this for me is common sense and the end result is I have money in my pocket at payday and I don’t owe anybody anything…

“There’s not a lot you can do about the national economy, but there is a lot you can do about your personal economy.” – Zig Ziglar


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