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“The First Addiction”

Years ago, when we were babies one of the first things we remember seeing was our Mom and Dad smoking cigarettes. Fortunately my Mom didn’t smoke but my Dad did. I was little but I remember the smoke, the smell and those dirty ashtrays.. It will be, most likely your first addiction because if Mom or Dad did it, it was OK for you to do it. The drinking alcohol came later when you noticed that blue stuff in that neat glass with the tall stem.. They said a glass of wine with dinner was something that everybody did. You didn’t know they called it a stem then but it must be cool because if, well you know the drill by now..     Our Country and its free enterprise system has many pitfalls.. The problem now and has been for a long time is that Money is the most important thing along with being able to live comfortably. However now greed has blended in and more or less taken over and its become a very sick process. Now people think that being happy is about having rooms filled with money and if you become unhappy for any reason these days, you are programed to drink to feel better, drink to celebrate and drink when you feel sad. When that doesn’t work good enough you, you take that anti-depressant along with the drinking… Sooner or later that so called friend of a friend introduces you to, lets call it illegal drugs and we know what happens from there. You try it…  Here is where you make the biggest mistake in your life because you think addiction can’t happen to you. The process has begun. It is the beginning of the end..

Part 2

With all these drug overdoses and drinking sicknesses and yes if you drink alcohol and use drugs you get sick quicker because your natural resistance to diseases is broken down. Did you know that if you didn’t smoke, drink or use drugs these days they call it being, “clean and sober”. Did you even know being sick is usually related to the excessive drinking of alcohol. Do you know what its like not to smoke, use drugs or drink alcohol? Do you know how you feel when you don’t smoke, drink or use drugs? Do you know what its like when you are healthy enough not to need pharmaceuticals to be well and happy most of the time?  Do you know what its like not crave anything but food because you are hungry… I do.. And I can safely say, stay tuned and God bless…


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