"My Life in a Nutshell"

"In Between the Beginning and the End"

“Trump the Bottom Line”

When I was a kid I made a monthly drive to Atlantic City with a Cool Chick to stay in those beautiful hotels, Trump Plaza and the Taj Mahal and go to the beach and walk the boardwalk. Very rarely I would play the 25 cent slots but I didn’t go there for that.. I remember the Trump BAC-111 Jet flying over the New Jersey Tnpk…   Really think about this … Trump has always had everything given to him ALL his life.. He doesn’t worry about having a first class seat. He has always had his own Jet airliner.. He doesn’t know what its like to work for a living to feed your family. He has had no reason to learn anything except how to call the maid to clean the mess or driver for his car…His Hotel room is always the Penthouse… He doesn’t know anything else and has nothing to compare it too…. The idea is when you are elected by the people and sent to Washington you to try to represent the people fairly and be a decent human being by setting an example for the good people of this country…It would also be a good idea to stop the lawyers from running this country and give it back to the people. Just my opinion..


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