"My Life in a Nutshell"

"In Between the Beginning and the End"

“Windsor Locks Memory Test”

 Memory test.. How many people knew there was a Bidwell’s Brick Yard in Windsor Locks on North St. across from Logan’s Appliance Store. I don’t remember Mr. Bidwell’s first name.. Yes, there was an Appliance store.. Later Frank Logan moved his store. Do you know where?  I do.. Richard and his brother Robert Tambussi were the lumber yard Kings. What was their Father’s Name? His first name was, you guess and yes I knew him well..I worked at the Lumber yard for 3 years… How about that Paul Bunyan statue in front of the lumber Yard? What happened to that? Was Bidwell a King also? Where was Bidwell’s lumber yard? At the bottom of what one way street? I think “at that point in time” there was only one.. Always wanted to say that…


Where was the original Terminal at Bradley, the one the Army Air Force built? Yes, there was an Army Air Force. Did you know there was a grass swimming pool at bottom end of Whiten St. Before the cement one on top of the hill. I remember when they built that one.. Was really a big deal then..

Behind the Italian Progressive club on Suffield St. there was huge water tank on stilts (the only way to describe it) My Dad said when he was a kid he climbed it and wrapped (his words) his legs around the ball on top.. What a way to set an example. I thought about it but never did it.. I put (with help of coarse) the three lights on top of the mountain in East Granby.. They were longer than usual telephone poles with lights on top.. I maintained those lights and all the beacons and towers at all the State owned airports climbing the towers and poles for maintenance and changing the lamps. I guess climbing towers and poles runs in the family..

There was also a USO on Spring St. Do you know where that was? Do you know what USO means? Did you know there was WAC’s (Woman’s Army Corp) barracks in Windsor Locks? Yes there was.. I started working at Bradley when the Control Tower was, do you know where? I do..

P.S. The picture is of the Trolley Car Trestle and when we were kids walked out to the end of it where it was broken.. Do you know who owned the property that bordered the trestle? I do…


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