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“Drug Testing”

Written on Thursday, December 15, 2011
Being tough has to start somewhere…..A while ago the state of Florida passed the Welfare drug test law…I hope it’s a supervised test by the State Police. The way things are these days, you should have a drug test to get school loan or to borrow any federal money for anything. Personally I think it should be mandatory for you to be a U.S. citizen and have a drug test before getting food stamps or any state program…Too many tax dollars a going up someone’s nose for drugs and cigarettes. Hey, what can I say. Now you have the illegal prescription drugs on the internet, Alcohol and the power drinks that are laced with addictive ingredients designed to hook you, to get you to come back and spend more money. Remember? Its always about the money…These are all all stepping stone products to addict you in the future.. All designed to get you try more powerful things. Sooner or later you will and before you know it you are out of control. You can’t stop. The triggers then will be denial, anger, paranoia, fear and resentment. All these lead to jail or death. Don’t believe me? In the past drug dealers gave you a free sample of what they wanted to sell you to get you to come back for more. It didn’t take long before you would do just about anything (steal, sell yourself, Do you remember girls?) to get the drug. Today anything goes and they do that to sell you just about anything. You know the stories. The tragic death of the high school kid who used just a little too much or committed suicide because he or she thought they couldn’t stop. In Enfield Connecticut last night they had a suicide prevention instruction class for parents to spot certain behavior before their children commit suicide. To get any money (tax dollars) from any state or federal program there should be a mandatory supervised drug test. No Exceptions….

Note……This is truly unbelievable, The Mayor of New Haven Connecticut wants to to let Illegal’s vote in municipal elections…Check link…This is where and how the insanity begins…


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