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“Ads or Popups”

Commercials, Ads, Pop-ups, or obnoxious videos without permission is an invasion of privacy and deserve any negative action against them. I will never buy anything or condone any interruption in my service. I will make it my goal in life to discourage anybody and everybody from putting up with the insanity these bottom feeders try to sell.. You have my word on that….

“Ad Block”

I’ve tried them all.. I use the one with the best Adware, Popup blocker and Ad block. Its learning how to these to your advantage that helps the most.. I have been using the Internet for years so its been a process of elimination. The good news is that I don’t remember when I have seen a commercial or had a Pop-up.. That tells me it works great… I would change if I started having problems. My rule is always be able to change in a moments notice if need be.. Good luck out there none of this happens overnight. It takes time to learn what to do and what not to do……I even installed on my Galaxy J7. I haven’t fine tuned it yet but it blocks Google ads on the free games I play…

“Going Home”


I’m back one day at a time.. I’ll be going back to Niantic Connecticut. I don’t know when. I shouldn’t be too long now.  Hopefully before Summer.. I miss it there.. Its a long story and I’m trying to put it in the past.. I’m over the pain and disappointment . It hasn’t been easy.. Just looking forward to the future now..







Ignore any advertising on my page. I didn’t put it there. Its most likely a rip off or they are trying to steal your credit card number…If you want to ask me a question EM me at ljc4re@sbcglobal.net


“A Crow”

This is a true story……The other day as I was waiting for the light to change…..I glanced to my right and seen a Crow at the feet of a lady who was raking her lawn… That’s right a Crow. He was tapping at the rake with his beak and with his little feet was swishing the twigs and grass clippings around on the ground…I couldn’t resist. I pulled into her street and stopped. I asked the lady if that was a Crow? Silly question but at that moment I was astonished that a crow was helping her rake the lawn…Yes, she replied saying that her daughter saved the Crow when it was a baby and every once and a while, no kidding here, “comes back to help around the yard“..…I told her that I thought that was beautiful, I couldn’t think of anything else to say and I really thought it was beautiful..…Meanwhile I was watching them and reaching for my camera which fell behind the seat…She said, “her daughter nursed and fed the Crow when it was a baby after the mother crow disappeared leaving the baby on the ground“…It was too late for the camera now so I muttered “Beautiful” again and pulled over more to the side of the road to watch….The lady said, “Oh, he can be a pain sometimes but I don‘t mind“…Wow, I thought, I wish I had a friendly Crow that would help me sometimes…She continued raking and the Crow helping as I watched…. She stooped and picked up the grass, twigs and debris, put in in a basket, then picking up the basket…She turned to me and said, “goodbye” and walked the 50 feet to her garage and went in.…Meanwhile, the Crow walked behind her towards the house and when she went in he started flying in circles around the yard, cawing like he was saying, I’ll be back later” He flew around the yard for a few seconds and left, disappearing into the woods…..I sat there for a minute, amazed thinking, now that is Gratitude. I think there is a lesson in there somewhere…



“Movie Review”

Image   Comment…..   Do not miss this movie…A classic Robert Redford, RayBan sunglasses and sport jacket with jeans.. I love this man. I grew up watching his movies…. I still even dress like him…I have the same sunglasses… “Three Days of the Condor”, Spy Game”, “Sneakers”, “Brubaker”, “The Sting” just to name a few…Enough said, don’t miss it…Links at the bottom…

IMDB……”The acting by a stream of well known faces who were young I when I was also young are very good, and being a similar age as them I could relate to some of what they were experiencing in the story. I listened to a review on the radio criticizing the movie because of the difficulty of enjoying watching people past their prime in a suspense movie. Maybe the reviewer should have stuck to the Bourne movies to get their kicks.Well age has nothing to do with it but maturity certainly does. The appealing theme here is that we don’t leave our past so far behind us that it doesn’t exert any major influence on us years later. In fact the more years that pass the more significant the past can become. I suggest you don’t be put off by the negativity of what some others say and see the movie.”

Review……. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1381404/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1

To watch the movie on the “YouWatch” web site… The links below



“My Life Update”


Update…..Its been 6 months and yes, I’m still a vegetarian and the good news is I’ve lost 6 pounds.. Believe it or not, I now have abs.. I’ve got a ways to go but I look good and feel great… My pants are sliding down and I have to keep pulling them up.. That’s a good thing and I love it..

     Now with one eye surgery to go I can even see stuff… The first operation was an experience I’ll certainly never forget but I learned a lot.. I am not looking forward (no pun intended) to the next operation on the 14th of May but I will gather my lack of courage and ego put them aside and have it done, with Cathy being my strength and inspiration..

    Cathy and I are (as they used to say in the 50s, and 60s) are going “hot and heavy. Well, not so much heavy but really hot. She is one beautiful lady. In our travels we have found some wonderful restaurants and beaches in Westerly R.I. and I can’t wait to move to that area.. The beaches at Watch Hill ( pictured below) and up the coast towards Misquamicut are incredible. Those of you who are familiar with that area will know what I mean.  I have been going to the beaches there all my life and can’t believe I’m going to live there now.. Its like a dream come true..

     I realize the dreaded tourist season is almost upon us but with the high cost of everything, gas included, at least the rift raft will stay in their city’s and the season doesn’t last that long anyway. ..

    Well, now its off to do some shopping with the love of my life and that’s it for now… Stay tuned for more of my adventures in the future and as Red Skelton used to say “God Bless”……..  I know I have been…



“True or False”

      I don’t know if this is true or by the time the story got to me it changed… A friend of mine has a friend who lives in Boston and she has a daughter that ran in the Boston Marathon. She was in the vicinity of the finish line and heard one or both of the explosions… No, she was not hurt but was terrified and went home right away to be consoled by her parents and to see what really happened…

      Note…. As you know, the Police and Swat teams (Military, they all look alike now,) literally Locked down and closed the city of Boston.. They stopped everyone from coming in or leaving the city. No one and I mean no one could leave their house or where they were staying at the time.. Think about all that power and what would happen if they wanted to do something to you. (They can shut down a major city with millions of people!) Under the threat of a gun they kept you in your house as a prisoner.. All transportation was shut down. You could not drive your car.. If you were caught in the street they would question you and I don’t know what else. However, I know that if you didn’t do as they said, they would find a reason to lock you up. You were guilty until they proved you weren’t!  What happened to me in Old Sayboook Connecticut last summer is an example. One of the questions they asked me was, among many other things was If I had any weapons in the car? …Link below….

       Back to the girl who was terrified by the explosions. Upon arriving home she did what any teenager would do.. She tried to text her friends and share what happened to her. When she tried she found out that she couldn’t text anybody or call anybody on her cell phone. Did the government shut down cell phone service? Did they shut down the internet in Boston? Can they do this? What the terrorists did in Boston was scary but, if true it gave them (Government) a chance to test their will on the honest people… What will happen next? (Gun control?) Stay tuned for chapter two.. I mean now its sounding a movie on the Si-Fi channel.. I will go out on a limb here and say the terrorists are rolling around on their cave floors laughing. Believe it or not they are in control of us because what happened in Boston is what they want.


“You Have Crossed Over”

Welcome to the Obama’s new America! You have become one of the new clones… No, not one of those plastic human like machines on the Si-Fi channel, not scientifically made but the kind made from your new environment. From now on, there is no middle class! You are ether rich or you are poor. Now you suffer or you don’t. For the poor, rage and anger are the new attitudes. For the rich, they just don’t care..There is no in-between. The majority of you have been programed and coerced into buying anything they are selling because of instant gratification and because they say you need to have it. Your freedom of choice is literally gone. You are doing these things automatically now. Your corrupt Illinois President and the leaders in Washington are bought and paid for by the oil company’s greed and big business. You are all blind or have been blinded to what is going on around you. You see only what they want you to see and only when they want you to see it. Everywhere you go, what ever you do. Whether its watching TV, being at the airport, buying something at the store, talking on your cell or just driving down the street. They know what you are doing, where you are and when you are doing it. They are watching and listening to you all the time. You have now become a statistic. You are just a number, a bar code. If you are too young to spend money they don’t need you. If you are old, you have become a throw away that is too expensive to take care of. They are now slowly taking away your health benefit’s so you will die. Your peace of mind and serenity have been manipulated into buying material things and for the most part the freedom of choice has been taken away. They want you to think that drugs and alcohol are to have a good time and not addictive. They don’t care because they want you to buy drugs, to spend money, That is what its all about. You are officially living in a very sick society…


The Ten Ways to tell if you are a Clone are..

1. Do you walk around staring at your hand (Cell phone) for more than an hour a day?

2. Do you ever mute a TV show and watch commercials?

3. Could you NOT watch TV if you didn’t want to?

4. Do you let your kids play electronic games when the sun is out?

5. Do you play electronics games for more than 2 hours a day?

6. Are 2 of your 3 credit cards maxed out?

7. Do you buy things you don’t need when you can’t afford it?

8. Do you get up and watch Morning TV?

9. Do you charge things even if you have the cash to pay for it?

10. Do you think that Reality Shows are real?


If you answered yes to two of these questions you are an American Clone and you have been programed….

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