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“True or False”

      I don’t know if this is true or by the time the story got to me it changed… A friend of mine has a friend who lives in Boston and she has a daughter that ran in the Boston Marathon. She was in the vicinity of the finish line and heard one or both of the explosions… No, she was not hurt but was terrified and went home right away to be consoled by her parents and to see what really happened…

      Note…. As you know, the Police and Swat teams (Military, they all look alike now,) literally Locked down and closed the city of Boston.. They stopped everyone from coming in or leaving the city. No one and I mean no one could leave their house or where they were staying at the time.. Think about all that power and what would happen if they wanted to do something to you. (They can shut down a major city with millions of people!) Under the threat of a gun they kept you in your house as a prisoner.. All transportation was shut down. You could not drive your car.. If you were caught in the street they would question you and I don’t know what else. However, I know that if you didn’t do as they said, they would find a reason to lock you up. You were guilty until they proved you weren’t!  What happened to me in Old Sayboook Connecticut last summer is an example. One of the questions they asked me was, among many other things was If I had any weapons in the car? …Link below….

       Back to the girl who was terrified by the explosions. Upon arriving home she did what any teenager would do.. She tried to text her friends and share what happened to her. When she tried she found out that she couldn’t text anybody or call anybody on her cell phone. Did the government shut down cell phone service? Did they shut down the internet in Boston? Can they do this? What the terrorists did in Boston was scary but, if true it gave them (Government) a chance to test their will on the honest people… What will happen next? (Gun control?) Stay tuned for chapter two.. I mean now its sounding a movie on the Si-Fi channel.. I will go out on a limb here and say the terrorists are rolling around on their cave floors laughing. Believe it or not they are in control of us because what happened in Boston is what they want.



“No Benefit of the Doubt”

The Old Saybrook Police Department in Connecticut with their lack of social skills, common sense, understanding and compassion have desensitized themselves to the level of common thugs with a badge…

On Monday October 15, 2012 something unexpected happened to me. Something so totally outrageous and unfair it was… but wait let me start at the beginning and I will tell you what happened… The day started for me as it has for the past 3 years with me driving South, down Route 95 from Niantic Connecticut to Clinton Connecticut where I have been going faithfully for 3 years to a breakfast meeting with my friends. Retired people do these things…The meeting went very well and after I went on my way as I usually do, staying away from Route 95 by taking taking the slow way home driving North on Route 1 heading through Clinton and then on to Westbrook Connecticut…I have been doing this for 3 years and am very familiar with the road with all its pot holes, ruts and the manhole covers that are 2 inches below the surface of the road. With front end work being expensive on my Mustang I am very careful to try to avoid these things as much as I possible can. I have been doing this for many years and I will never stop doing what I was doing that day as I’m sure many of you do also. It just makes sense. This is the part where its gets interesting… I could go into a lengthy explanation but I won’t….Here is the short version… Instead of minding his own business a wanna-be police officer from Connecticut’s Department of Environmental Protection was behind me and called the Old Saybrook Connecticut Police Department and reported that I was driving erratically. He couldn’t figure out that all I was doing was avoiding bumps in the road.. They caught up to me in the parking lot of the Guilford Savings bank in Old Saybrook on Main st. Route 1 where I went in to buy quarters for the laundromat. I came out of the bank and when they confronted me with what he said I was doing I had no idea what they were talking about….However after gathering my thoughts, I remembered and I gave them a reasonable explanation of what I was doing. I even offered them proof..The Sergeant of these 2 brave officers accused me of lying, called me names and put me through the embarrassment of treating me like common criminal. Now, who do you think drove up and stood by while they humiliated me. Right, the inexperienced wanna-be DEP officer who didn’t mind his own business. There are many more details, one of which is, I did lose my temper after 45 minutes of being disrespected bullied, detained, dehumanized and insulted by the Old Saybrook officers…It was at this point that I told the DEP guy in a loud voice while pointing my finger at him, that he  F__KED UP…

The bottom line here is that last Wednesday I pleaded (((NOT GUILTY))) to the ticket they gave me and the State Prosecutor Nollied it when I told her what I was doing. I also told her that those 2 brave Old Saybrook cops that gave me the ticket didn’t see me do what that guy, that F__KED UP,  said I did,,,,

This was a very simple explanation for this and this is what should have happened…. After a visual look over and a few questions they should have apologized for stopping me and given me the “benefit of the doubt”..None of this would have happened….Their stupidity just added to the insanity of this world……Its no wonder things are like they are today…

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