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“Credit Card Denied Buying Gas?”

I stopped to get gas yesterday at my local gas station. The price was $3.58 a gallon…Its the kind of station that you go into to pay cash or you can charge it at the pump…I always pay cash and never put in more than twenty dollars worth…It’s a far cry from the two dollars worth I put in when I was a kid and got over eight gallons for that price. ….The tank on my Mustang hasn’t been filled to the top since the year 2008… Don’t get me wrong, I could fill it up…I just won’t…I will not spend the money nor haul around the extra weight of a full tank of gas. Today I asked the girl at the register how she thought her gas customers were doing while paying this outrageous price for gas…Her friend over heard my question and came out of the back room to explain how bad she felt for the people with families and the hardship they must feel shopping for groceries. …The cashier thought that everyone was hurting because of the high prices…Both went on to explain that being married and having children was a really hard thing to do….They spoke right up on this Issue because I feel that this is what is on everybody’s mind. These two young woman were genuinely fearful.. The capper was when the cashier told me that a lot credit cards were being denied because they were maxed out…I have been saying that all along. How much more can we take? When is someone going to do something about this…Protests are going on all over the country…Anyone that is anybody is looking the other way. Your Politicians are silent, pretending its all right. They don‘t care about you or anybody but themselves and how much they can steal…No one is saying anything and all the while the economy is going down the drain while the prices keep going up… Its sick…


“Written on May 31, 2009”

They are killing America with economic terrorism. Do you remember when all we knew about the middle east was that Jesus was born there and Aladdin had a magic lamp and carpet? Think about that then read on..I seen a gas price yesterday of $2.68 dollars a gallon…This is not good. I won’t say too much here because it really pisses me off. It must be OK though because the Arabs say, “That our economy can stand it”. You would think they would wait until the American people get their confidence back but no they would rather keep us on pins and needles.They should know best, the Arabs are responsible for everything that is going on now. They did all this to us. I say its economic terrorism. They are going to ruin this country more than it already is….If you think it can’t get much worst just wait?…Its true, I believe greed is infectious and there is no cure.

“If I knew, why didn’t someone else?”

     I worked successfully as an Airport Electrician at Bradley International Airport as many of you know for a lot of years…In my tenure there I had access to Emergency Electrical generators for many reasons and I never had to use one to keep warm in my house…I remember losing power on Runways and in the Terminal building for various reasons. Most were repaired by me within a few hours with no help…The only huge power failure I can recall was when we lost the power grid for the Northeast. I think it was for 3 days. I never had to use the generators for personal use. I say this because last Saturday, where I use to live in the Windsor Locks Connecticut area they had a early October snow storm. They still don’t have power and according to my son it looks like bomb hit the area with trees and broken wires hanging everywhere.…It is said are 500,000 families still without power. Also while I worked at that airport we had many storm diversion’s and I have never heard of or seen an airline pilot have to keep the people on the plane for any longer than a few minutes. They always let them to go to the International wing of the building to wait in a warm comfortable area.. In the past I have been through hurricanes and tornado’s and we have never lost power for more than a few days… I remember waiting in a gas line for fuel but never more than a few minutes and it never got out of control. Everyone waited in line patiently with no cutting in line…I think they said there was a gas shortage at the time and the price went from $.50 to $.75 cents a gallon. In past 3 or 4 years I have written about the craziness and changes of our weather and society and what is happening out there has escalated exactly how I predicted it would… Lately the banks have backed off on raising credit card prices…Warning! Watch out, those Bastards would suck the blood out of your soul if they could…Believe me! They will get your money one way or another. What is going on out there is out of control and getting worse every day. There are protests and riots in every major city. People are being peppered sprayed and arrested. They pretend what is happening is nothing but there are more than just a few people that are angry and upset. The Bastards don’t say anything because they are afraid and by not saying it out loud they are hoping people forget and their problems will disappear ..Your political leaders, they certainly aren’t mine, are looking the other way like the citizens of this country are nothing. I heard someone say the people were like sheep. I mean If I know this stuff is going to happen, why doesn’t anybody else? …Your President is raising money for reelection and has no idea or doesn’t care what is going on…All those morons that are running for the highest office in the land still haven’t said a word about the high gas prices. They even have you buying those dumb looking cars that look like rolling arrow heads…The Bastards on Wall street are still raping our society shoveling money into accounts fueled by high oil prices all over the world…Greed and corruption is rampant… The bottom line here is…I have never ever seen anything like what is going on in the world and unless something changes it will only get worse and you can take that to the bank because you can’t take anything else…



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