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“We Have Power!”

                                                                                                            I woke up at 4 AM to see the light on my alarm clock blinking….The power was on…We were without power for about 68 hours. Thank you very much to the hard working guys that repair the wires after the storms like we had. I got up at about 8 AM and turned on the TV and immediately remembered why I don’t watch TV so I muted it….They are running continuous commercials. Some of which are actually starting before the they finish with the one that’s on. I thought no one has any money or jobs? It looks like the only people that are working are the people selling things to people that are selling things to people….I didn’t buy anything extra for the storm so I have a little extra money to buy a special treat for Willie and me today… I did check the gas station after my walk on the beach late yesterday afternoon only to find they had no gas at the pump I stopped at…I left because I didn’t really need gas that bad. I notice there are the usual gas price gougers and swindlers. I don’t know how they sleep at night with all that money stuffed in their pillows…The saddest thing of this day so far is the picture of the Navy Seal’s dog sleeping near his coffin at his funeral….Have a good one guys and be careful not to step on any of those wires laying all over the place…


“Out of Here”

Still no power here in the shoreline…The last time I lived here it was the same. It took a while….Its been close to 24 hours without power and counting…Surprisingly it doesn’t bother me that much…I feel bad for the people that don’t know how to handle this kind of stuff and actually get angry. Being an Electrician I remember in the past when people were upset with me for being late. I just used to turn and grin that grin I’m famous for…. Its very stressful for some…This morning I am out of here. The sky is a crisp blue and I’m heading to breakfast with friends. After, I’ve got to stop at the store, if there is a store for a few things. I packed a lunch just in case all the stores blew away. I hope there is enough warm water in the hot water heater for a shower. OMG, how inconvenient is that?

“My Advice to Normal People”

I was sitting here thinking as I am waiting for the hurricane wind to start blowing here on the Connecticut shore line…I’m sad because I can’t go the birthday party I was I invited to. That’s a bummer…A few years ago I would  have thrown caution to the wind and took my chances with the Mustang. Today, no thank you.. Better safe than sorry, there are too many people out there that are, to put it bluntly “Nuts”. I have never seen anything like it. This Hurricane has almost everyone around here buying everything off the store shelves and running around in circles like rats in a cage… My advice to normal people is, stay out of the way….Its scary to watch these crazed people. You can see the fear and trepidation they feel as they go about pushing and shoving their fellow humans out of the way…In some cases literarily but you know what I mean. I think it’s the TV news that scares them…Prepare, yes but don’t hurt your neighbors while doing it…Slow down, you can’t control what is going to happen or for that matter, what is not going to happen….

“Hang On”

I move to the Connecticut shoreline and guess what? According to the weather news I’m sitting here, a target of this huge storm. I went to the beach yesterday. The seas were rough and no one was there but I did find some great sea glass. There were just a few of us there like me. We belong to a secret society….The summer is ending for a lot of people, thank God…..Over heard at the local campground…“I don’t know what to do? Stay of leave?” ….Dude Duh…..Also I notice boat owners heading inland with their boats. I guess they are smarter than campers.. Its interesting, I was living here for Storm Bob, the last storm to hit Connecticut… I remember the wind…Wow…..I hope this one frizzles out before it gets here..Good luck everybody. Hang in there. Literally.

“ The Typical News Day on your Local News Channel ”

       I mentioned the other day, that lately I have been going through past journals. Well I discovered this and I thought that it was worth another read. Today while competing for ratings the news channels will say almost anything.. This is your typical local evening horror show sometimes called “The11 o’clock news”.

Written on August 13th, 2008 by me…..

What is the news? Its Interesting to see the way local news has evolved into, “Who can beat the other TV stations in describing the blood and gore on the streets?” Its true, the more gore the better.They describe that the man was shot in the chest 4 times and was killed instantly. Then the camera pans to the street to show the blood and police tape…Do we really care what happens in the city to the drug dealers? I don’t know about you but I don’t. Then there is the “Caught on video by a security camera.” They will run this “over and over” with the warning “may not be suitable for children.” Then they show a 65 year old man being hit by a car and thrown over the hood with his limp, rag doll body hitting the street. The driver then speeds away never to seen again. My personal favorite is the man or woman hit by a train then showing the blood and brain matter on the tracks. Then there are rapes and child molesters. The corrupt officials who hide there faces in a perp walk or are caught in a men’s room looking for sex. The future leaders or leaders who cheat on their wives. The male coach who is accused of inappropriately touching a teen girl in school or of setting up a video camera in a girls locker room. I really enjoy the hot blond, 25 year old female teacher who had sex with her 15 year student. Oh, how I envy him. You can be sure mom told on that one……Oops, lets not forget the commercial encouraging the audience to take anti-depressants or pills to loose weight. I especially love the commercials with the loud obnoxious moron yelling at you to buy a car and lets not forget the bastard singing a stupid song about his package store. Now back to the news…A crack head breaks into senior housing to steal money and kills the 88 year old woman after he has rapes her. We must not forget the gang in Vegas who light a homeless man on fire while he was sleeping then rob a convenience store only to kill the clerk who I might add was working 3 jobs so his son could go to medical school. Now for the weather update. Rain and floods in the Midwest causing 28 children to drown in a school bus. Driver tried to drive across a flooded street only to be swept by the currant into a river. The driver survived trying to save children. I think that driver might as well have died along with the kids by the time they are done with him….Now the Local weather. Lighting strikes pregnant woman and kills her. Then, with that “idiot smile” on his face the weather man says “Back to the news. A man drills a hole in the head of his dog because the dog wouldn’t listen. Woman arrested for having too many stray cats, Neighbor complained. You know the neighbor, the one with gold teeth and all the gold chains with his Yankee hat on sideways who speaks that ghetto street talk. “ITS THE DRUG DEALER THAT SHOT THE MAN 4 TIMES” I scream at the TV but they can’t hear me… They show the poor lady crying as the animal control officer puts the cats she saved in the little kennels. Now the human interest story….Man has a prayer memorial for his wife and 2 daughters who were raped and murdered in their home during a home invasion. The two suspects were released from prison 2 weeks before they did this because of over crowding. They show where the home was and it was leveled. Now there is a Memorial lawn there with a plaque with the names of his wife and daughters…………. The worst part is all this is true…….Time for Letterman…….












“Important Notice to the Reality Show Generation”

 After months of investigation I have discovered that Reality shows are not really real! They are all fake! Its all make believe! The people on these shows are acting or trying to act just like in the movies. That’s right, NOT real, fake, make-believe. Its also been discovered that the people on these shows are “Not Stars or Celebrities” they are just ordinary people like you and me only they have a video camera following them recording the things they do. We also found out that they do these things for money. Its because of this, they do outrageous, sometimes stupid things for the camera. Its OK for the, yes now you have been labeled the “Reality show generation” to watch them but don’t believe anything that happens on these shows. Normal people with principles and values wouldn’t humiliate themselves or participate in these kinds things. In a few years you won’t remember who these people are or what they did. Here is an example…..There was a so-called adventure reality show on TV a few years ago. I’ll bet you can’t think of the name of one person on that show except for the gay guy that went to prison for income tax evasion and I’ll bet you won’t remember that either. When its all said and done they will all have to get a real a job just like you and me and in these days good luck with that.

“Life Has An Expiration Date”

Last night I was reading my past Journals because of my silence now. The truth is I just don’t know what to say. Each day seems the same. I have a routine just like everyone else. I read my friends Journals and a lot of them don’t post anymore and even the ones that still post seemed bored. I lost a good friend because of my attitude. I call it a difference of opinion. I miss her and think about her. She was a Bear fan. Good luck this season Kathleen. I have written about where this country is going because it bothers me. Believe me, if things don’t change it will get worse. I have written about the weather but have accepted it because it can’t be changed. All TV is boring because its geared to certain types of people, all except pro football and even that is trending towards new rules that will change the game forever. ( I can’t believe I said trending, I hope I’m not turning into one of them.) The exhibition games have started thank God. I hope I’m not disappointed. Even the movies are boring. Don’t they make real movies with real actors anymore? My past journals in 2008 were for the most part, me answering those sometimes silly questions on the front page. I’m back to that now. I think it’s a cycle. I moved to the beach last year thinking that maybe I could find a little more something but the trouble is in the summer everyone comes here looking for the same thing. Now I end up looking for quiet places where there are no people. My Mom used to say, “ Lawrence you cant win”. I’m starting to believe her. The good news is I am up to level 69 in my DS Jewel Master Egypt game.

I don’t know what’s going on but in the past week I’ve heard someone say “life has an expiration date” three different times. Now, that’s weird. Is that a warning sign? What is going on with me?

“Most Hated Person in America?”

The most hated person in America. I wonder who decided that…It must have been a poll from our most intelligent citizens in this country and around the world. The ones with the highest IQ’s. Can you imagine the brain power behind the creator of that poll? I know what you are thinking? WTF is this guy talking about…No, I am not defending her. I’m saying let it go. She is taking up too much space in your mind. She is not worth all the publicity… Its got to stop. You know, what goes around will come around. Anyone who lives with those lies and that past, sooner or later can’t live with themselves. Her mind will be a constant reminder of the death of her daughter…Above everything else, like it or not she is still a mother. You can’t take that away from her. This is something time will not heal. It will never change. As she gets older and till the day she dies the death of her daughter will hunt her. It wasn’t too long ago OJ was at the top of that hate list. I guess he moved to second or third place now…He got his. He ended up in prison…When that happened I thought see, he is right where he supposed to be…I even wrote a goodbye to OJ. Will I be able to write a Goodbye to Casey?..Time will tell. Won’t it?



                                       The OJ piece was Written on December 6, 2008









“This Is a Disgrace”

8/8/2011…… I have been really patient for the past few days about not writing about our so-called leaders because of the frustration I feel or not writing about the weather we are having because of environmental changes. However now, I’m really angry! I can’t just sit here and not say anything! How could this happen? I realize my Military experience is not up to date and I wasn’t there but who was responsible for watching the perimeter (surrounding area) while the chopper was taking off or landing? They know very well that this aircraft is slow and hard to maneuver. Thirty one (31). Not 3, not 6, not 5 but 31 Special Forces and Navy Seals were Killed in that Chinook helicopter that was shot down by a shoulder fired RPG. The more I think about it, this is a disgrace! I would want a full investigation on how this could happen. Believe me! Heads would roll on this. The cowards that did this must be ecstatic and are celebrating this, “Piss hole in the snow victory”. Well, while they are at it, they ought to thank their Allah, Mohammad or whoever they thank because if I was in command there would be hell to pay for this. Do you think they can say Napalm or Carpet bombing in Arabic? I mean real hell in the form of a bombs that would kill thousands. It would kill not only all the terrorists now but all the future generations of terrorists.…I don’t know why we don’t eliminate the whole country? The most powerful Nation in the world is messing around with these primitives when if we really wanted to, we could make that whole country an afterthought. Why? Is someone going to say something bad about us….What’s the difference? They all hate us anyway. Lets give them something to really hate us about! This hunt and pick nonsense is taking too much time and we are losing too many good young men…If the United States is going to do something, lets do right.

Writer’s Block: Into the wild


If you could, would you set a zoo animal free? Which one and why?


Today, with the way our environment is changing, the Zoo or Nature Preserves as I prefer to call them should be a safe haven for creatures because its clearly not safe out here for them. Those brave hunters or money grubbing animal killers can’t hunt in a nature preserve or a Zoo. The Aquarium is clearly a safer place for sea creatures because of oil spills…Comment… Reminder, no matter what they say, no matter what excuses they give, no matter how much they lie, no matter how much they show people cleaning birds, no matter how much they say its OK now to visit the Gulf of Mexico and I’m talking about the whole Gulf of Mexico! Its polluted and ruined for the next 1000 years. Sea creatures are dieing every day. Those birds or any of animals they cleaned have ingested enough oil to kill them. Cleaning them was a temporary fix to show the public.

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